Meet AK-A, Our Featured Artist of The Week.

Posted By: Admin On September 15th, 2017.

                  Andre Jerrell Greene better known as AK-A is an up and coming Hip-Hop artist representing Mississippi and North Carolina.  AK-A got his start in music 2008 in Florida with 2 of his cousins. They formed a group called M.O.B (Millionz Or Better). After moving to NC in 2010 he recorded a mixtape titled Smokers Section where he just laid verses on Industry beats. In 2012 he released 2012 he released the album titles “Smokerz Section “produced by Yung J. In 2013 he and a friend (Buck Mason) started a group called Just Business. Just Business included members T.O and Aries Luv, was working on a project that was going to entitled “Concepts of Business”. The project never got finished inspite the hype in their area over the project. Early in 2015 AK-A released his second project titles “Underground King” In 2017 AK-A then released his 3rd solo album “The Real Underground King”.

            AK-A was born in Meade County South Dakota but was raised and grew up in Vicksburg Mississippi. He credits Vicksburg and his mutual influences such as UGK, Master P, and 8-Ball and MJG for his country rap style. AK-A is a very dedicated artist with and unmatched style. He has performed in several cities and venues in NC. As of now he is under Loves Entertainment CEO Linda Mabry. You can find all of AK-A music on under King AK-a, on sound cloud AK-A the king. Follow him on Instagram @akathaking on Facebook as Andre Greene

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