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Posted By: Admin On May 14th, 2019.


Fashion is a way of life, a way to express yourself in what you wear and how you look. And over the years, we have seen drastic changes in fashion trends especially for footwears as the fashion industry continuously develops and evolves to meet the needs of the consumers. And there is no doubt that the driving force behind these constant trend changes is the Hip-hop world.

Hip-hop as successfully redifined our taste in fashion by crossing all boundaries, elevating street wears and shepherding the move towards genderless fashion. The unique taste and style hip-hop brings into the fashion industry as made it a key element that influences what footwear designs and styles are created. Below are some of the new trends coming into the market and making waves this 2019.


1) Tom Sachs x Nike

The first on our list is the Tom Sachs x Nike statement shoe. The design is so unique and uban, bringing that fashion vibe to your outfit. Going for $550 this shoe is a must have for anyone looking to have a unique style.


2) Nike PG 3

This Menta/Emerald rise black Nike shoe brings a touch of color to any outfit you wear, giving you that easy poch look that will make you stand out. It goes for just $90, making it a must have for any fashion disciple.


3) Savasdescalzo x Adidas 

The multiple color combination used in the design of the shoe easily makes it a match with outfits of any color and for any event from the red carpets, to photo shoots or jugging down town. It adds vibrant colors to your style and makes you stand out no matter where you go. 


4) Nike React Presto "Brutal Honey"

The amazing design the Nike React Presto comes with is off the chart. This "Brutal Honey" collection will immediately infuse class and high taste into any outfit. The Black with yellow streak designs also makes it easy for you to stand out. It goes for $120 and is the shoe you need if you would like to make that first impression.


5) Travis Scott Air Jordan 1

This amazing shoe was created and designed to bring out quality and originality by the popular rapper Travis Scott. It was realesed on May 11th and since then as been making waves as people can't seem to get enough of it. This is an amazing statement footwear you need to have at your beck and call.

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