Q&A Sessions: Check out Our Follow up Interview With Neo-Soul Artist Kent Black And following up on his latest EP "Project SLow JamS".

Posted By: Admin On May 17th, 2018.

We featured Neo-Soul artist "Kent Black" back in February and wanted to catch up with him since the release of his latest EP "Project Slow Jams". Check out our interivew with him below to find out how life has been since the EP's release, what inspired the project and what other projects he has in store. ____________________________________________________________________________

BSU: Hi Kent! Thank you for joining us in todays interview. How have you been?

KB: I'm doing well. Committed to the 9-5 work flow like the rest of us. Making efforts towards my own Economic Liberation.

BSU: Word...definitely hear that!

BSU: So, we wanted to catch up with you since you were featured on our blog back in February for your latest project "Project Slow Jams".

BSU: How has it been for you since you released the project?

KB: Yes, I am so very appreciative of the love and support from you all over there. Definitely sharing blessings with the artist community!

KB: I feel like it was a long time coming, the build up and growth of my musical progression from the previous "Self Contained" EP to this one, since having released it, the world has been nothing but supportive of the project.

KB: I think it offered a sound like the majority of music people hear on a regular basis so people either love it or don't understand it. It is low frequency vibe music so it requires the listener to actually pay attention and just breathe for a moment.

BSU: Gotcha. Yes, very smooth Neo-Soul.

BSU: The EP has garnered much attention. What inspired it?

KB: The EP was inspired by mostly the life I live and the lust that I encounter on a daily basis. I'm a lover and a giver and I think it shows in my music in a sultry abstract way.

BSU: Right on. And in what ways have you been promoting it?

KB: I've been heavily promoting it on social media platforms and also supporting major music platforms and it's been doing quite well for an underground neosoul artist such as myself.

BSU: Very cool! What are some venues you've performed at?

KB: I've actually had the opportunity to step on many stages along the East Coast, primarily throughout the DMV area.

KB: Going into the release of the EP I was heavily promoting the release at live shows but, I'm actually taking hiatus from the stage and focusing back towards making new music and releasing some visuals for "Slow Jams" so that my fans/followers will get an EP and four music videos to compliment the entirety of the project.

BSU: That's dope...So there's definitely more to come!

BSU: Out of all the venues you've performed at, which one was your favorite?

KB: Venues are not so important to me as much as the energy and environment that it offers if that makes sense. But, with that being said, Smith Public Trust in D.C. is one of my favorites.

BSU: Awesome. And as for the music videos you mentioned for "Slow Jams", where's the best place to check out your videos?

KB: The best place to view my videos would be Instagram and YouTube under @TheKentBlack :) I'm a troll so I'll definitely see you lol.

BSU: Lol word. And as far as future projects and collaborations go, are there any artists that you'd like to work with in the future?

KB: Omg yes! Collaboration wise, there's this Sultry Ebony Goddess in the UK by the name of JaJaKisses... that is a dream collab waiting to happen.

KB: I'm actually waiting for myself to produce the right song to send her way, and I'll project that into existence :)

BSU: That's dope! We'll definitely be on the lookout for that!

BSU: Are there any other artists you'd like to work alongside with?

KB: Definitely! KoraTheArtist. Definitely, Blood Orange and Daniel Ceaser to name a few. I just love indie sultry artistry and they have that style.

BSU: Awesome!

BSU: Ok, lastly...what advice do you have for other artists who are working on putting out music? Any words of encouragement?

KB: Yes, absolutely!

KB: The process looks different for everyone, you're reasons for your music career should be your guide. Always work for the love and not the check to avoid disappointment and discouragement and focus too much on gaining support from others because there's so many people in the world and no matter what you offer, someone will like and appreciate. And also, don't compare yourself to anyone. Use others for inspiration and guidance :)

BSU: That's some good stuff right there. Thank you for sharing that!

BSU: Ok, well that's all the time we have. Thank you so much for allowing us to follow up with you!

BSU: Before we go though...where can we find you on Social media?

KB: I'm everywhere on the Internet lol. You can find me using my handle @TheKentBlack.

BSU:. Got it. Well once again, thank you for joining us for this interview and hopefully we get to catch you live out this way! 

KB: I seriously appreciate you for the shared opportunity! And yes, Ryan Lucas is a big homie of mine out that way.

KB: Lol! I can impose on him if I get a booking out there.

BSU: That's dope! Yes, we had the pleasure of featuring him on our blog a few months ago.

BSU: You guys would definitely have to keep us in the loop if you get to working on some projects!

KB: Yes, most definitely!

BSU: Word...that would be great!

BSU: Ok, cool. Well, thank you again Kent for the interview. We really appreciate it!

KB: Thank you! And I will definitely be posting once the interview is up. Reposts go along way :)

BSU: Sounds good! We will be looking forward to hearing more from you in the near future!


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