Get To Know: Get To Know Hip-Hop Artist "Aleo Barquin" And Take A Listen To His Latest EP "No Harm 100" Now AVAILABLE On SoundCloud.

Posted By: Admin On March 27th, 2018.

Aleo Barquin AKA "Lil Barq" presents his latest project via SoundCloud titled "NON HARM 100" and wants you to hear it. The Florida native interwines an extremely animated sound that orchestrates a diverse pallet of instrumentation and threads them together into a warm and uplifting frequency. Entertaining and engaging the listener is priority for Aleo Barquin as he reaches into the deep nooks and crannies of his being unraveling himself and his community in search for honest expression through his music and performance. Stream "NON HARM 100" below and be sure to follow him on SoundCloud as well as on Twitter.

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