Q&A Sessions: Catching up With Hip-Hop Artist/Producer Ryan Lucas Following the release of his latest album 'liberate Through Economics'.

Posted By: Admin On March 5th, 2018.

Back in November 2017, we featured Hip-Hop Artist/Producer Ryan Lucas on our blog in the wake of his latest album "Liberate Through Economics". Now, four months after the album's release, we had the opportunity to catch up with the Washington D.C. native and asked him some questions about the album as well as his experience being out on tour. Be sure to check out the interview below now! ____________________________________________________________________________

BSU: Hi Ryan and thank you for joining us in today's interview! How have you been doing these days?

RL: Thank you for the opportunity. I have been doing really well.  Always elevating.

BSU: Always good to hear! So, we wanted to catch up with you. You were featured on our blog back in November and have since released an album titled "Liberate Through Economics". 

RL: Yes. Such an amazing and important project and thank you for the feature.

BSU: Yes, very dope album and it was a pleasure to feature you! Can you tell us about the album such as, what it means to you and what were your inspirations for the project?

RL: We all know that we, the Black community, face many challenges that hinder us globally from living a prosperous life. My album "Liberate Through Economics" is what I call solution based music.  I offer simple and complex solutions for us to help attack the issues that we deal with.  I believe that we have the power within our community to solve our problems.  We should work towards controlling our own resources, money and land.  If we control and unite our wealth as one force we can control how we decide to live our lives and the policies that affect us in this country and globally.

BSU: So the album is more of a message for listeners to educate themselves so that they can "liberate" themselves, correct?

RL: Yes, I desire for Black community to liberate themselves by acquiring resournces and to continue to work towards controlling our future, to teach our youth our culture.  We do not need anyone's approval to do this.

RL: As for my inspirations…I studied the lectures of some of our great scholars and applied them to the music.  Scholars such as Dr. Boyce Watkins, Dr. Claude Anderson, David Banner, Amos Wilson and Professor James Smalls helped me to develop my content.

BSU: Very dope. And you recently toured promoting "Liberate", correct? How was that experience?

RL: Yes. I am still promoting the album.  But I started in my hometown Washington DC and I have been moving around from there.  It has been amazing.  I love traveling and sharing my music with people.  The reception has been incredible.  I have been able to touch stages in new cities with this album.  Denver, Phoenix, Tuscon, San Diego and of course all around the Los Angeles area.  I am planning to touch many more cities in the next few months.

BSU: What were some of the most memorable moments for you while you were out on tour? 

RL: Many highs and some lows.

RL: Some highs - The pride in faces of the audience.  After each show people approach me with thank you's for the performance and interests in content of my lyrics. One low - Getting stopped by cops on the road. 2 am in the morning. Coming from Arizona back to LA for no apparent reason.

BSU: Oh, man. Sorry to hear that. But all ended well right? The show as they say, still went on?

RL: I have been through it before. I have a song on the album called "Brave"  that addressed a similar experience when I was on tour a few years ago in Chicago.

BSU: Nice. And as for the album Ryan, where can people hear/purchase the album?

RL: "Liberate Through Economics" can be found at www.RyanLucasDC.com or www.RyanLucas.BandCamp.com. Some people ask me why I haven't put the album on all the digital platforms like iTunes or Tidal.  I wanted this album to represent true independence from the system.  If I speak of building within a community I have to demonstrate what I am speaking of.  You can only get the album directly from me.  But you can find my other music on all the other platforms if you are interested in hearing my past work.

BSU: Very dope. So switching it up here, tell us a little bit about your musical background. Did you come from a musical family?

RL: I have some older cousins that have done some amazing things in music but my passion for creating music has been developed on my own.  I started writing poetry as a teenager and years later figured out how to create the beats to compliment my words.

BSU: Nice. Who were your musical influences growing up?

RL: So many to name but I will list the ones that just pop in my head.

Timbaland, Missy, Lost Boyz, DMX, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang, Rage Against The Machine and later I became heavily influenced by the late great J-Dilla. Dilla changed my life.

BSU: Nice. Yes, Dilla was the illest for sure.

BSU: Dope.  And what do you do when you're not making music?

RL: I manage and design for my clothing line Power In One www.pioclothing.com. I love seeing live music being performed. I dabble in photography and I make jewelry.

BSU: Awesome!

BSU: Well, we would like to thank you again Ryan for allowing us the opportunity to interview you.

RL: Thank you for sharing my story with the world.

BSU: Not a problem, a pleasure for sure. Before we go, do you have any words of advice you'd like to share for aspiring artists?

RL: Don't give up. You have the music in you.

BSU: Awesome!  Well that's all the questions we have for you today. Once again, thank you again Ryan for tuning in with us!

BSU: We look forward to hearing more of your music!

RL: Yes.  I am working on a new album called "INSPIRE".

RL: Peace to your team and I wish you much success to you!

BSU: Dope! We'll definitely be on the lookout for it! Thanks again Ryan for your time and take care!

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