CHECK IT: Should Social Media Apps Be Segregated?

Posted By: Admin On May 9th, 2021.

A hard title to write. No mention of the previous. Icky,yeah.. What can we do about it? It seems like a gloomy topic surrounding us daily until recent. Gen Yr’s, how are you feeling? Not sure what to post? Feeling like you can’t grasp what your kid brother or Niece posts on Instagram? Well, there are some good reads out there for you to help you on your path to the liberating feeling of social apps. Author Kathriana Alf’s “How to use Instagram: A Guide for beginners and Business Owners” was released on February 14th, 2014 and in it contains superb information on how to go about signing up for your very first Instagram account. Many teens and pre-teens have been rushing to the online world to sign up. Several uploading photos of their latest pair of shoes. Many posting photos of their recent breakfast or lunch order. But where does that leave young adults and senior citizens? Some are not sure just how to go about how to launch a browser let alone launch a Twitter account. Some research statistics found that many 30-something to 55year olds aren’t really able to navigate well on their laptops let alone smart devices - smartphones, tablets, etc. And, even if they do, they find it difficult to relate to content posted by their younger counterparts. So, just how do we bridge the gap? Do we divide the social apps according to age or do we divide according to financial rank? Send us an email or tweet us at - badsignalUGD with notion

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