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Posted By: Admin On October 21st, 2020.


“Rhymes Spree”

Plats: iOS

Developed by Fat Cook Software “Rhymes Spree” is a great app for songwriting. If you are an artist having trouble finding the right rhyme for your flow, then this app is definitely worth downloading on your phone (or desktop). Priced at $2.99 in the Apple store, “Rhymes Spree” is one on our list.
“Auto Rap”

Plats: Android

Producers! Where ya’ll at?! Get your beats put on Android’s “Auto Raps” and watch all the hungry artists come running with their plates and forks! “Auto Rap” allows artists and users to choose from a list of uploaded beats to write and spit lyrics to all’st while recording in the app. The app includes far out features like pitch-correction and beat-matching to help them progress their flow and breathing techniques. Download the app and let us know what ya’ll think.
“Beat Blade”

Plats: Android

Needing a break from all that rendering and writing? “Beat Blade” is a dope visualistic running game that allows users to slash blocks and duck booby traps all’st while listening to the latest top chart songs. Feeling a lil bored? Slice and dice your way through virtual blocks noddin' to “Rap God”.
“Groove Pad”

Plats: Android

Easybrains’ app “Groovepad” is another app Producers and Beatmakers will enjoy! Splice and place samples into your tracks to create dope mixtapes. The app features live loops to create first-rate beats. “Groovepad” has a library of effects that will cure any creative block you may have or encounter. From reverb to delay, “Groovepad” is definitely one to cop a hold of.
“Rhyme Builder”

Plats: Android

Another perfect app for songwriters to get down to. Having trouble finding the right word? Flow stuck and you need help? “Rhyme Builder” contains a list of words that will help you unstick yourself and get that million-dollar rap off your dome to the paper! Used by members of our staff, “Rhyme Builder” is a no brainer.

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